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Nikki Harding
Instructor, Trainer
Not many people can say that they found their life passion at the age of three, but for Nikki Harding it's true: Horses were love at first sight!  Now she has over 20 years of experience working with horses: riding and teaching across a wide range of disciplines including Western and English (Hunter/Jumper, Dressage and Eventing), assisting a large animal/equine veterinarian for over a year,  and learning from some of the top Horsemanship clinicians in the world. 

Nikki's biggest influences have been Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt and Peter Campbell.  She continues to educate herself by attending Peter Campbell Horsemanship and Trina Campbell clinics several times each year, and also rides with her local Northern California mentor and teacher Caroline Hardman whenever she gets the chance.  

”What all of these teachers have in common,” says Nikki, ”is working from where the horse is at, with no agenda or deadline, as well as understanding the importance of getting down to the horse’s feet and helping the horse let down mentally.  I always try to keep these principles in mind, whether I'm starting a colt or schooling a seasoned show horse.” 

Nikki is available for full or partial training, colt starting, restarting or working with troubled horses, trailer loading refreshers, preparing horses for cow and ranch work and lessons in both Western and English disciplines — at Morning Sun Ranch, as well as off-site.

Nikki always offers a kind word to help boost my confidence in myself and my horse, which is especially welcome when I am feeling nervous and unsure. She understands how important it is to broadcast that calm assuredness to the horse and she has a natural talent for bringing that out in her clients.
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Every horse deserves no less than your best. Doing your best for the horse is what allows it to change.
 Nikki Hardng

I don't believe in covering up holes in the training with gimmicks. What you bring both to training horses  and to teaching people   has to come from your heart.