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Genae Kindscher Horsemanship Testimonials
5/26/2015 Kathryn Klein

I had had my then 6-year-old horse for less than a year and he began to display an occasional, small bucking issue, for which I wanted to seek help before it became worse. When I began to work with another trainer, what had been a small issue became a much more frequent and pronounced problem; I had lost all confidence in my riding ability; and my concern had turned into full-blown anxiety, both with my horse on the ground and when I rode. 

After attending a Peter Campbell clinic at Morning Sun Ranch, I learned that Genae had had great success in alleviating similar issues with other horses, so I moved my horse down to Morning Sun Ranch and began to travel over an hour at least four days a week, to work with Genae and my horse. Unlike some of the “cowboys” and English trainers alike who had been recommended to me, who did not want me involved, Genae insisted that I be part of the process. 

We began with doing months of groundwork before we began to ride my horse again. Meanwhile, I was regaining my confidence taking lessons with Gina and Genae on their horses. Even though I had been riding (Hunter/Jumper) for most of my life, I had never been taught any of what I have and continue to learn with Genae — about making sure that my horse respects my space; about directing my horse’s feet clearly and precisely with intention; about “getting down to my horse’s feet” while riding.

Genae has been patient and methodical with my horse, taking the time it takes for him to learn and rewarding him for making his own good choices rather than punishing him simply because he doesn't always know how to respond when confronted with something alarming or new to him. Genae's patience with both me and my horse is boundless. With her help, we are making great progress toward partnership.
5/27/2015 Cindy Lane

Genae has been such a gift to me and my young horse. She is professional and knowledgeable, which is of utmost importance to me, but her love and advocacy for horses really sets her apart. I highly recommend her as a trainer, and as a CranioSacral healer for horses. 
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05/28/15 Suzette Bruce

I first became interested in horsemanship when my daughter was taking lessons. I was allowed to participate in all of the before and after work of riding, like grooming, tacking, lead walking and even mucking. This was the first experience I had with connecting with a horse, and it so moved me that I was wondering if I could learn to ride a horse in my 5th decade of life.

My path was directed to Genae Kindsher and I suddenly found myself on the back of a horse. It was a surreal experience. I don't remember saying any words at all to the horse. It seemed that my breathing and body language had become my connecting force in communicating with a 1000 pound plus equine. 

With her firm but gentle manner, Genae has helped me to get out of my head and more into the feel.  She truly does start where the horse is at and where the person is at, and then meshes the two together, creating a team. I believe that horsemanship is Genae's gift and it is in her to continually learn, adapt, adjust and decipher whether or not new information in horsemanship is effective enough to surpass the previous.

I'm amazed at how much muscle memory and "feel memory" I have gotten in only 5 short months of learning her style of horsemanship. Some of the new concepts she teaches are hard for me, but it's a process and I get through it and always come back ready for more. Genae helps build leadership skills in the rider, which is imperative for the horse to have in order to create a mutual respect. She's a tough cookie, but somehow the lessons always end up with a “Hang in there,” or something positive like, "That's a good place to stop for today."

Although my initial goal was to help my daughter find the right sport/niche/art, I can't imagine not having horsemanship be part of my life because it has enriched all of the other areas of my life so much! 

I would recommend her to anyone, young or old, beginning or advanced, wanting to have firm but kind, up-to-date training and instruction in horsemanship. This is truly her gift, and she is so awesome!
05/29/15 Heather Sweet

I began working with Morning Sun Ranch in March of 2014. From the moment that I stepped onto the property, there was an amazing feeling of confidence and knowledge that this team puts out. Over the last year, I have had the pleasure of watching and working with Genae Kindscher, who is, in my mind, no less than a miracle worker with people and animals. Genae has an overwhelming knowledge of horses, compassion for people and animals, and a dedication like I’ve never seen, to growing herself and those who are interested as “horsemen.”  

When I began taking lessons at this ranch, Genae was one of the people who I would stop and watch in awe of her talent. She is effortless in her riding, and she seems to notice every detail when working with horses and students. I have personally seen Genae take an amazing 12-year-old girl with beginning knowledge of riding, and Genae has worked and molded this girl into an amazing horseman and trainer of the horses. Genae brings a confident and experienced perspective to the people she trains. She knows when to push and when to show compassion. Most recently, I have had the pleasure of getting her thoughts on my riding, and she brings a fresh outlook on riding techniques that I now use to help me and the horse.

Along with her people skills, it has been a pleasure to watch Genae work beginning or troubled horses. Genae brings a calmness to the animals she works with and a challenge with very clear goals in her mind. She doesn’t “shoot for the moon” on the first day. She assesses and creates a plan to help the horses. She has helped one particular horse that used to rear-up and potentially be dangerous to develop a trusting relationship with her working student and become a great jumping horse.

This ranch and Genae are all about bringing a positive and respectful atmosphere. When I came into this ranch, I was a passenger on a horse. I had zero understanding of having an “active seat” or how much pressure to put on a horse’s mouth. But Genae and the people at Morning Sun Ranch help to teach you at each person’s level. I have never felt unsafe or like I was not progressing. As my skills have developed, the horses I ride have changed. The skills I have learned are being worked on to become more refined. I plan on spending a lifetime with Genae and this ranch because there is always something more that they will teach you. When ready, I will also bring my son to learn to ride so that he can experience the confidence that riding can give you. This is a safe and clean ranch, where I have not only learned about myself as a person, but I have learned about the bond that can be created working with horses 

Genae Kindscher is a master of her field: challenging, tweaking, and molding her students. She happily takes on the challenges of troubled horses and helps them to change their thinking from angry/scared thoughts to a calm working relationship. This is a woman that you truly want to meet and work with if you have even the smallest inkling of working with horses. Her passion will rub off on you and her attention to details will keep you safe and learning.
05/29/15 Mary McLafferty Mitchell

My daughter Rebecca is 12-years-old and our relationship with Genae Kindscher and Morning Sun Ranch began about 1 1/2 years ago. The metamorphosis that hastaken place in Becca as a horsewoman and as a person in that period of time is astounding. Although she was taking lessons before becoming a student of Genae's, her learning and growth had been in a holding pattern. Under Genae's guidance, she quickly learned that there was a completely different journey and life-changing experience waiting for her.

I am so grateful that she has the opportunity to be guided by someone who not only innately understands horses on such a deep level, but also understands how to connect with and support the humans who want to have a relationship with them.

Genae's compassion and ability to reach out touch both horse and rider in such positive and productive ways, it is almost unbelievable.

My daughter has become her working student and I am amazed at what she has accomplished. Genae truly does work from not only helping your horse to be better but also teaches you how to be better in your experiences with your horse and with yourself. 

If you are reading this hoping to find the perfect place to begin or just want to expand your experience with your horse... If you are looking for someone who can turn you into the horse person you dream of being... You have found that place and that person!
03/28/17 Cynthia McCook

Genae has been working with my 8 year old Freisian, Oliver, for more than a year now. It was under Genae that we found some significant holes in his training, as well as a medical issue I was unaware of. Truly, I can't say enough about his time with Genea. She's smart, intuitive, and a great communicator...to both people and horses. She has identified and worked through several issues with him, and isn't in it for the quick buck... She really cares. If she doesn't know the answer to something, she digs until she finds one, then goes about fixing It. Oliver wouldn't be the horse he is today without Genea. I trust her 100%.
03/28/17 Christine Hernandez

I have been boarding my three horses at Morning Sun Ranch for almost a year and a half now, and have had the pleasure of working with Genae Kindscher in that time. She is a serious horsewoman with high standards. Not only does she want to help her students meet their riding and horsemanship goals; she also cares deeply about the care and handling of their horses. Her style is very safe, intelligent and direct as she takes time to figure out what each horse and student needs, then breaks things down into manageable lessons and/or training sessions. Her extensive experience and quick eyes give her the ability to diagnose behavioral and training issues, and to separate those out from the health issues a horse may be experiencing. Her certification in Equine CranioSacral therapy also gives her the ability to help horses with muscle soreness, and gives her a deep understanding of how the hoses should move and when to call in specialists when they are needed.

Genae has helped one of our geldings change from being completely stuck in his head and feet to being an absolute pleasure to ride. My husband, my daughter, and I have all been in lessons with her. She has helped us understand where and how to improve in our ground and riding relationships with our horses; and she has helped us to better understand the health needs of our small herd. I feel so much more confident in my abilities since I have been working with her as she pushes me to improve with each lesson and even shows me how to help horses better understand what I ask of them. Also, her enthusiasm about her own continuing education through clinics, videos and reading inspires me to do the same as I continue on my journey through life with horses.