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English and Western Horse Riding Lessons
Morning Sun Ranch has been offering top quality riding programs since 1990. We have a variety of school horses to choose from, and we teach beginner to advanced, Western or English. Our first priority is safety and our horses are selected carefully for this purpose. Morning Sun Ranch owner Gina Kindscher oversees the riding school and all operations at Morning Sun Ranch. Knowledgeable in a variety of disciplines including Western Pleasure, Trail, Dressage, Jumping and Horsemanship, Gina  is a lifetime rider with years of showing experience and more than 30 years of teaching.

[Gina] stresses safety in all of her lessons, but gives me the confidence so thaI can progress with my riding ability. Although I am an inexperienced rider 
she does a great job at simplifying the many aspects of learning to ride  
without making me feel intimidated.
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INSTRUCTORS:    Gina Kindscher     |    Genae Kindscher

Each Morning Sun Ranch instructor has unique teaching abilities and her own personal  style. We all have safety as our number one concern and that will always be our top priority. Because we work together as a team, we have the diversity of experience to help you accomplish your goals whatever they may be. Whether you are a first time rider or a more serious-minded professional, we can help you become a better partner with your horse.

HORSES:   Meet some of our School Horses...

Horseback riding offers so much more than other activities your child or you can participate in. It will teach you patience, compassion, love, trust and focus. Physically, it will improve your balance, rhythm, timing and feel. A horse will be your best friend. Morning Sun Ranch is a wonderfully rich environment for you and your whole family to enjoy.
We are Vendors for Ocean Grove Charter School!

Private Lessons, Semi-Private Lessons, Group Lessons, and 
Lesson Packages are available, as well as Gift Certificates!
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