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Genae Kindscher
Instructor, TrainerCertified Equine CranioSacral Therapist
There is nothing more beautiful than being able to experience the connection between a beautiful, powerful animal and yourself — in such a beautiful place.
  — Genae Kindscher

I am very lucky and oh so blessed to be able to 
call Morning Sun Ranch my home. It has been a privilege to have my mom alongside me the 
whole way. She has taught me so much and yet  
I have so much more to learn! I would not trade  
it for anything in the world!
Genae has been riding her whole life — beginning when Gina was pregnant with her! Genae got her first pony when she was 2; then at age 5, her first horse, Lady. She started showing at a very young age, mostly Hunters, Western Pleasure and Trail. As she got older, she tried Gymkhana and loved it. No matter what the discipline she was always in the ribbons.

Genae started training horses at a very young age, always having many to choose from at the barn. Sometimes troubled horses would come into the barn and Genae was always trying to help them.

Genae's current focus is Horsemanship and she has been riding with Peter and Trina Campbell 2X yearly since 2009. She has also been fortunate to work locally with Caroline Hardman. They have all helped her immensely on her journey to develop her Horsemanship skills. She now can better prepare her horses for the many things she loves to do. She has successfully restarted many troubled horses and sent them on to new loving homes and has kept a few of them for herself! She is currently taking horses in training, colt starting, troubled horses or helping you better partner with your horse.

Genae is also certified in Equine CranioSacral Therapy and Lameness Assessment. When you combine her ability to properly prepare a horse mentally with her ability to help them physically you have an amazing outcome.

With her firm but gentle manner, Genae has helped me to get out 
of my head and more into the feel.
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Genae & Scooter
Genae teaching a student about colt starting
Genae rides/teaches Western & English
Genae teaching lesson
Student learning Horsemanship in the round pen