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Gina Kindscher
Owner & Director, Morning Sun Ranch Riding School
I have a deep passion for horses, 
and learning how to communicate with 
them is a lifelong journey.
— Gina Kindscher

I have loved and worked with horses all my life. 
As a young rider, I was a serious contender in Western Pleasure and Trail. I had a full-time trainer (my mother). When not in the show ring, you could  find me galloping my horse on the open trails or trying to learn how to rope, which was my father's passion.  
Since owning Morning Sun, most of my time is spent teaching, attending clinics, 
and rehabbing horses. In addition to my experience growing up, I have spent many years learning classical Dressage, Horsemanship, and Hunter/Jumpers. Being 'horse smart' is something I encourage with all my students, and every new horse helps me to further enhance my own skills.
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The riding atmosphere and teaching philosophy that has set Morning Sun Ranch apart from others comes from Gina’s passion and lifelong love of animals. With her dedication to a patient, consistent and progressive program of horse training, she will help you achieve your goals with your horse.

Gina has been teaching safe horsemanship since 1990. She is a lifetime rider, raised by two parents who were both serious horse people. Her mom’s passion for restarting troubled horses gave Gina her first glimpse of what patience, persistence, love and skill can do to change a horse. She showed Western Pleasure and Trail from age 8 to 15 on many rehabilitated horses and was always in the ribbons. When she was 15, her parents bought her a young, barely started quarter horse and she got her first try at training a horse. Her father was a real life cowboy and taught her how to put all her skills in the arena to use, out on the open range. Her home at the time abutted a 300-acre cattle ranch and that was her favorite place to ride.

Gina has coached many riders in several disciplines at the local shows, and her students have always been in the ribbons. Her positive attitude gives a rider confidence; there are never any losers in Gina’s eyes. You might be a first-time rider and the thought of riding scares you... what better way to get started then with someone who has been a lifetime student herself. Gina knows how long it takes to learn new concepts and to get the body to cooperate. Her patience is endless and she has a clear way of explaining things from which anyone can learn.

Gina is a wealth of knowledge and an extremely skilled and competent horsewoman who is always researching, reading,  sharing and looking at every point of view to achieve the best  health and performance from every horse and rider.
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